SAP MDM-XI-R/3 Integration

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

This blog will show you how to integrate Master Data Management (MDM) and SAP R/3 using SAP PI in short frame using
SAP NetWeaver as framework.MDM and R/3 integration is required in two different scenarios as listed below.

Prerequisites for integration of these scenarios include some of the software applications installed.
The list is as below:
SAP R/3 (4.6, 4.7, or any),
SAP MDM version 5.5 SP3 Server,
SAP MDM Syndicator,
SAP PI (Process Integration), formally XI (Exchange Infrastructure) Version 3.0 SP16

Outbound Scenario – MDM-to-R/3 (Inbound to R/3)

Inbound Scenario – R/3-to-MDM (Outbound to R/3)

PART – I (Inbound Scenario)
We will be discussing about Inbound process i.e. Inbound to the SAP R/3 and Outbound to the SAP MDM.


Figure 1.Inbound to R/3

MDM Console side Configuration Steps:
Step One–>Create Client System.
How To?
Logon to SAP MDM Console and choose the repository which you going to syndicate. Navigate the selected Repository
(Example Repository, BP3_PoC_Customer)–>Admin->Client Systems.
This right hand side you can find Client Systems context area. If you right click on context area, you will get the Context menu Items,
choose–>Add Client System, Enter Name of a client system (Example.Siebel), Code and Type. See the below Figure 2.

image image

Figure 2.Client System

Step Two–>Create Port for Client System.
How To?
Select–>Ports–> by navigating MDM Console–>Repository (BP3_PoC_Customer)–>Admin–>Ports.
By clicking on the Ports you will get Context Area in the right side.
Right click on the Context Area and you will get Context Menu.
From selections choose the Menu Item –>Add port.
Here you need to give TWO ports details, one is for Outbound, and other one is for Inbound. In this step we need Outbound Port.
The Port Name is SIEBEL_OB_CUS_SIEBELCUS01, Code SIEBEL_OB_CUS_SIEBELCUS01, and Type as Outbound. See the Figure 3 below.
Figure 3.Port

MDM Server Side Configuration
In the SAP MDM Server–>Look at the server folder structure for the repository.
Here, you can see the Client system and Outbound Port details as folder name in the SAP MDM Server folder,
which creats in MDM console as shown in below figure 4.
Figure 4. SAP MDM Server Folder

NOTE: No customizing required in MDM Server but you need to ensure whether the folders as explained here are created in the
inbound and outbound folders after additions of the ports in console.

FTP Server Side Configuration
Step Three in the FTP Server
How To?
Configure/Specify the file folder path for pulling the file in FTP Server.This is screen refers the FTP server configuration (WS_FTP server)

Figure 5.FTP Server

SAP XI / PI Side Configuration
Step FourSender Communication Channel
In the PI Integration Repository
Figure 6.Sender CC

Step Five Receiver Communication Channel

Figure 7.Receiver CC

Inbound Process Flow
Figure 8. Process Flow

>>>Here, I will be discussing about inbound process, the above figure shows the entire process

Process step in MDM: You need to choose the destination structure, i.e. type of the destination file like XML, XLS, and CSV.
Then mapping will have to do in the MDM Syndicator that for specified repository and then syndicate the repository.
The syndicated repository data will save as predefined type in the Ready folder of SAP MDM Server.
(SAP MDM 5.5–> Server–>Distributions–>bp1bocap080.bp.co_MSQL–> BP3_PoC_Customer–> Outbound–>Siebel–> SIEBEL_OB_CUS_SIEBELCUS01–> Ready)

Process step in PI: Here you need to need specify the File Communication Channel Path as folder specified/created as in the MDM sever. i.e.(Outbound–>Siebel–> SIEBEL_OB_CUS_SIEBELCUS01 –>Ready) as per FTP Server configuration.
The File Adaptor picks up the file and then PI process starts. In the PI transformation and conversion happens and then sends the IDoc to the R/3Inbound port.

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

Process step in R/3: Here the IDoc receives to Inbound port and then IDoc is available in R/3.

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

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