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SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

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If the IRS or other tax and regulatory agencies call, are you ready? There was a time in the SAP world, that means implementation of SAP-DART before archiving as “audit ready”. But for many companies as audit ready means that can respond to a process in place, to a dizzying array of tax and regulatory systems in an instant on requirements and information requests. It is a problem, which affects the bottom line: millions of sentences expect a multinational company, simply from their inability to pay report in a timely manner.

As audit data ready is not easy under any circumstances – it takes comprehensive know-how with SAP and the technical solutions available. DART was originally developed, the need of IRS data extracts, but companies with complex operations in several tax and regulatory environments – and sometimes several SAP systems work – often need to process efficiently more flexibility than DART extensions. These companies need to have it both ways – a standardized, repeatable process to index of data relating to taxes and the ability to efficiently respond to ad hoc requests.

The correct solution is not a single tool – this is the solution that delivers what businesses need to control and audit data, efficient, ad-hoc requests and maintaining the high system performance. For many environments, the latest version of DART is the brand for extracting the control data of Auditors needed. Other companies deal with high amounts of data and complex tax environments, where new technologies and practices can provide a higher level of flexibility and speed.

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Audit may more…
2010-01-05 13: 34: 53 Clemens Li business card [reply]

in a few projects we have with restrictions difficult to understand, to live. Transactions in development and sandbox systems audit was barely comprehensible reasons justified banned.

Also many measures are taken to documentation of each irregular, but necessary database change in production systems – to know that it is still possible to do without traces to leave or fingerprints in the system any kind of malicious data processing.

So it’s enough to be based on the assumption, the auditors who will never find out what you have done?

External and internal audit should and focuses more on process, not only data extraction.

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SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

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SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

SAP MDM Interview Questions and SAP MDM Tutorials

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